Top 5 eats in Sydney

It’s been ages since I’ve posted on this blog. I blame it on my workload, and also mostly due to my laziness, haha. But yay! I finally got down to blogging about my recent (or not so) trip to Sydney in May! 🙂

So as usual, before I share with you my Top 5 eats in Sydney, here’s some of our travel photos with the whole ching-gang! Pretty memorable experience where we visited the blue mountains and jervis bay, stayed in a campervan (i.e. in a tent), had chill druggish party sessions every night etc.












And with that, let’s roll on to foooood! I was pretty psyched up for the food in Sydney because you know, when it comes to cafes, Australia probably has the best ones. And I’m a caffeine addict! Well, the cafe scene DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Although it did not exactly blow my mind either, well because the top cafes in Singapore serve the same standard of food but of course, cafes in Singapore are packed like hell. Anyways, read my Top 5 because I’ve sieved the best for you guys 🙂

#5 Soda Factory


If you’re looking for a place with awesome food, good vibes and beautiful venue, Soda Factory hit all the spots! Let’s just say that this american style diner has this retro chic touch (with live performances yay!) and the service is wonderful! A perfect spot to chill out with your friends, and they also serve alcohol so you can chill here till the wee hours! ❤

And the food here is spot on too! Loved their hot dogs and we ordered a variation of them! Honestly, nothing here really blew my mind but everything here was really really good! So I’ll say, just go there and order anything on the menu that interests you because all tasted great! There’s no “must-trys” or anything like that in my opinion 🙂

16 Wentworth Avenue
Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW

Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs: 5pm to 12mn
Fri to Sun: 6pm to 3am

#4  Hurricanes Grill


2-web5-webSAMSUNG CSC

They claim to be the best steak and rib restaurant in Sydney, and they fit the bill! They offer lamb, pork and beef ribs and my favorite were the lamb ones! So juicy and moist with that layer of fats.. so good! The beef ribs were fantastic as well, in my opinion even better than their steaks! The pork was good, but nothing much to shout out for.

We were seated outdoors with an awesome view (they roll up the shutters towards the end) and hence the lighting sucked and my food photos sucked! So the second and third photo was taken from Hurricanes’ website here:

My steak-lover friends felt that the steak here was superb, really value-for-money! We also went to this fancy high-end steak place during our trip, and they felt that the steak here didn’t fall that far short! And for the price you pay, it can’t get any better!

Lastly, order the garlic butter dishes (i.e. the first photo of garlic butter mussels)! They were so good, I had to order seconds!

L202-L203 Gateway Building
1 Maquarie Place
Sydney, 2000

Monday to Friday:
12noon – 3pm for Lunch
Monday to Friday:
5pm – late for Dinner
Saturday, Sunday + Public Holidays:
All day dinning from 12noon – late

#3  Devon Cafe


Only 1 beautiful photo for this recommendation because I lost my phone and the cafe photos were gone. But look at that picture! I mean, don’t the food look tantalizing? This cafe blew my mind with their BREAKFAST WITH THE SAKUMA’S (right of photo). Miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63’ egg, radish petit salad & kewpi mayonnaise.. everything was on point, perfection on a plate!

The other dishes were good too and coffee was on point as well! So this cafe is highly recommended! And to reaffirm, I made it a point to visit most of the famous cafes in Sydney like bill’s, Single Origin Roasters, Bourke Street BakerySample coffee and other quaint cafes along Surry Hills but Devon really stood out for their food and decent coffee (by Aussie’s standards which is high haha).

Oh and the reason I had the opportunity to explore so many cafes at Surry Hills was because we rented the gorgeous space listed at AirBnb (see the first pic of the blog post) which was so near all these awesome cafes! Score! Leave a comment (I would have to approve it before its public) if you’re interested in knowing the listing and I’ll hook you up with the details!

I have to give a special shout out to Bourke Street Bakery mentioned above, since they serve really nice pastries as well but they are probably no. 6 on my must eat list, I felt that they deserve a good mention. Order their lemon tarts and sausage rolls, really well-balanced and honestly everything else we ordered was on point 🙂

76 Devonshire St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Opens everyday about 8am to 330pm

#4  Peter’s Sydney Fish Market


I love fish markets! What’s there not to love when you have a wide array of fresh seafood at cheap prices! I have to say though, do not keep your expectations too high when you visit the Sydney Fish Market.. it’s not as big as the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo but definitely a place you should go for a seafood meal!

Amongst the different seafood joints there, we went for Peter’s and boy was it good! There were so so so many varieties of seafood and even more ways of preparing them! My must try dish (other than the fresh oysters of course) was this sea urchin bowl above.. fresh uni that melts in your mouth, swirled with fish roe and paired with sushi rice.. PERFECTION.

Peter’s Fish Market
Shop 4, Waterfront Arcade, Bank Street
Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont, NSW 2009,

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 7am to 4pm

# 5  The Grounds of Alexandria


As mentioned above in #3, I struggled between Bourke Street Bakery and The Grounds of Alexandria but The Grounds took the cake because their premises were unlike any cafe I’ve ever seen.. IT WAS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

This cafe was formally an old pie shop from the 1920s, and now it has its a café / bakery / bar with their very own garden. Within the compound, there’s also a florist and a mini-farm (yay to piggies and chickens and goats!) and even farmer’s market on the weekends! This place is all your cafe-chill-nature fantasies come to life. Amazing.

I met my sydney friend Louise here for a catch up before heading to the airport and we ordered a light brunch (see photos above) and my usual flat white and they were really good! 

This is a must-visit and its probably the only time I’m going to focus more on the atmosphere/venue instead of the food.  But the food is good too, don’t get me wrong haha.

Building 7A
No 2 Huntley Street Alexandria, NSW Australia

Opens everyday 730am to 4pm

And that concludes my Top 5 eats in Sydney, which is at this time of writing, more than 6 months overdue! Sigh, I’ve not posted in more than a year honestly, but here’s hoping that I’ll continue to find the passion to document my food journey! More posts coming up soon I hope! Till then, check out this cute video done by Jon that documented our Sydney Trip and ciao~