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Hello everyone! Today’s post is a little special because it’s not my typical food introductions, but more so a special platform I’ve been introduced too recently! And good things must share, and when I have such a good lobang, die die must share on my blog!

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Yes! It’s SHOPBACK the super duper popular website that everyone seems to know about except me, but I’m glad I’ve joined the bandwagon now! So for those who are still clueless about what SHOPBACK does, it is basically a platform that links you to your favorite online shopping sites, and because you are using SHOPBACK as the platform, you get rebates off your purchases! What the shit, that’s like free money for us, so why not right?

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So as pictured here, look at amount of partners SHOPBACK has. Your big names like Groupon, Lazada, Zalora, ASOS etc. All these are websites that I shop on so frequently! So for example, for Lazada, you get 12% cash back, which means if you purchase $100, you get $12 cash back! It’s that simple, and that amazing!

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So because my blog is a food blog, I shall be focusing on the food & beverage partners on SHOPBACK instead (Even though I would love to share with you my loot from Lazada and ASOS!). SHOPBACK also partners with RedMart and foodpanda, with 9% and 8% cash back respectively! Perfect for CNY celebrations! Get food deals & steals with ShopBack

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So first up, RedMart! You can buy almost all your groceries here. On top of your daily food supplies, you can get cleaning supplies etc, basically everything you get on your weekly ritual to the supermarket. But now, you get to save on the effort to and fro with all that groceries on hand! Here’s a link to grab a RedMart coupon code on top of cashback you know, for more discounts 🙂

Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.16.32Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.16.32Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.17.46Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.15.13
Here’s some of the many things you can get.. and yes omg you can purchase anything from ice cream to fresh meat! Plus, beverages for your get togethers and of course for the upcoming CNY celebrations. No need to lug all those heavy beverages around!


Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.13.35
Now for my favorite website of all, Foodpanda! I’m so happy that they partnered with SHOPBACK cause now I can eat all my favorite food in the comfort of my home and I get to save more with SHOPBACK! Oh here’s a link to save more with a FoodPanda voucher code 🙂

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SHOPBACK redirects you to the website, so the platform is really easy to use, just like a “agent” if you put it that way. Anyways, I shall introduce to you my Top 5 eats on Foodpanda! So you’ll know what to order for the best experience! 🙂

# 1

Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.27.13

I’ve previously featured this on my blog, read more about it here: and I think that should justify how much I love this place! The handmade noodles are to die for!

# 2
Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.28.41

This is a new coffee place I’ve discovered and I love love love it. The vietnamese coffee is so so aromatic and perfectly balanced! The sweetness is not overpowering and there is a hint of bitterness. I don’t usually drink iced coffee (I always prefer hot coffee) but the iced coffee here is really the best I’ve had!

# 3

Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.28.26

Chocolate Origin is so popular, I don’t think I need to say much! Smooth, creamy chocolate on moist cake! I love it! Perfect to order for birthdays, and yes of course with delivery, no more lugging heavy cakes around!

# 4

Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.26.03

Another famous household name: Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken is so yums! And the best part is, even if left over for hours, it still tastes as good! Soft chicken flesh with tasty skin and when dipped into the Peri Peri sauce, that’s really as good roasted chicken can get! Perfect for parties too!


Screenshot 2016-02-01 13.27.36

I’m so organizing a Fried Chicken Party! 4 Fingers are here too! No more cravings for korean fried chicken! Perfect for my stay overs! I love their spicy soy sauce, spicy and salty, and brushed over their crispy fried chicken skin! Yums!

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Oh with CNY around the corner, you can find food deals this Chinese New Year promotions 🙂

That’s all folks! Hope you get to shop more, and save more! 🙂