Hello everyone! After a really really long hiatus, I’m finally posting again! Well, my peak period for work ended a few weeks back, and after spending all free time redeeming my social life.. I finally have some alone time to sit back and begin blogging!

I fucking love fried chicken, it’s my sinful addiction. It’s the killer that destroys any single diet plan I have. I’m always on a lookout for awesome fried chicken of any type of cuisine, and I’m glad my friend Debbie decided to open a Korean fried chicken shop, which she painstakingly went to Seoul to master the recipes and techniques!

Before any accusations / doubts about this post, I need to clarify.. I’M NOT BLOGGING ABOUT OPPA CHICKEN BECAUSE OF HER. I sincerely think that her new shop is worth your calories, time and effort! It’s that good. So don’t worry, read on.


Firstly, I love the ambience. Nice industrial concept, spacious and clean. And to be honest, since it’s new, it’s popularity hasn’t spread across yet, so the place is not overly crowded. AND I LOVE IT. This is what I call a hidden gem.

You know how places that serve good food are always too crowded and you have to stand in line / squeeze with other diners? Well, at Oppa Chicken, it’s peaceful and you can have a proper conversation with your friends without shouting across the table. Heck, it’s even perfect for a romantic dinner in my opinion!


Oppa Chicken specializes in chicken (uh-duh), and it comes in various flavors like original, honey garlic, soy garlic (which my friends love) etc, that you can either order the dip separately, or have it coat your chicken. This means that you can order different types of sauces to try it all!


Honey Garlic

But this.. this gorgeous mess is what I would recommend! Highly recommended by Debbie as well, their honey garlic chicken is super good. Crispy skin, tender flesh that is so well marinated that even the flesh taste so yummy (which is so hard to get, most Korean chicken have good flavor only on the skin)! And coated with the honey garlic.. which is not overly sweet and well balanced with garlic! I honestly scrap off every morsel of the sauce, which by the way, is very generous! Just look at the amount of fresh garlic there! Definitely a must-order!


Another dish that is a must try would be their Topokki, which is rumored to be the best Topokki in Seoul. The rice cakes are chewy and soft, and the sauce is spicy yet not overly salty! I honestly can’t really describe in words how the flavor of the sauce is so good, but it’s really perfectly balanced! Although I do have to caution that it might be a little spicy for non-spice takers!


Pomegranate Soda Pop

And do order their soda drinks! I’m not a fan of carbonated drinks but these sodas are a must whenever I’m dining at Oppa Chicken. I love their Pomegranate and Sour Plum flavors which are unique but trust me, it works! Super refreshing, not your usual sugar bombs.



Oh, and Oppa Chicken is really affordable! For CBD peeps, their serve a super value for money lunch sets at only $8.90, it’s a steal honestly! And yes, they do deliveries for the CBD as well! Yay!

OPPA Chicken
274 South Bridge Road, 058823
(Near Maxwell Market)

Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 16:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Phone: +65 62215217