Tokyo 东京烧 @ Ayer Rajah Food Centre

I typically don’t put the address of the stalls as the title, but this is too confusing. Everyone might think that this stall is in Japan, haha.


So anyways yes.. another stall has been listed on my MUST TRY list! I’ve been frequenting this stall for a long time, but just never got down to writing it (blame it on my laziness to take good shots). But recently I’ve managed to take some decent shots of the stall and the food, so here goes!



The Hot Plate Oyster Egg ($8) here is the bomb. Just look at the photo.. it kind of explains it. When they remove the lid, the egg and oysters just bubbles and sizzles in that spicy gravy (which is like chili with that oyster juices in it). And the oysters are so plump and fat, super fresh!

Not sure if it’s evident in the photo, but Tokyo definitely don’t skimp on their oysters, there’s more than enough to satisfy that oyster craving! The egg was super soft (unlike overcooked omelets), and it’s always hot since it’s cooked over banana leaf and the hot plate!

Wa, this plate is a must try! Of course, Tokyo also sells other BBQ items like stingray, sotong, shellfishes (which is really good as well!).. all at a really affordable price given their big portions!

Tokyo BBQ
Daily: 5.30pm-12am
#01-07, Ayer Rajah Food Centre
Blk 503 West Coast Drive, 120503

Okay, while you’re at Ayer Rajah Food Centre, you probably want to order more good food to justify your visit (I mean, this food centre is definitely not very accessible)..


IMG_3102 IMG_3113 IMG_3118

I’m not a mee goreng fan, but this mee goreng converted me to one! The noodles had this char to it that I love, you can see the chao ta (burnt) bits in the photo. Honestly I have no idea how to describe this dish, but it tasted a little spicy and the mutton minced meat was added to give a slight muttony taste (don’t worry it’s not that overpowering).

Jon loves the mee goreng here so much! He claims it’s the best mee goreng in town! For me, I think this plate is definitely better than all the mee gorengs I’ve tried so far.. but best is a really strong statement haha. Oh wells, try it to believe it! After all, this place is a winner in a lot of people’s books and has a long heritage.

N.M Abdul Rahim
8:30AM to 1:00AM
Ayer Rajah Food Centre
Blk 503, #01-60 Singapore 120503, Singapore

So many pending blog posts lately, so stay hungry! ❤