Top 5 cafes near the JB checkpoint

So after such a long hiatus, I’m back to this food blog of mine which is pretty much at it’s death bed. Oh wells, balancing work with my social life pretty much leaves me with not much time left on hand. But today I decided to bring my lap top out so that I can blog for an hour in between 2 social gatherings!

This blog post has been pending for so long, because I have to get out of our sunny island for 3 weekends to complete it! So there, I present to you my cafe hopping journey at JB!

So previously in my post on the Top 5 eats near the JB checkpoint (this post is pretty famous, so if you haven’t read it, go take a look!) I stated that I visited JB’s hipster street which was not that fantastic after all. Turns out, I was wrong because I missed all the good cafes! So here’s an updated guide to the cafe scene at the Jalan Dhoby area, you’ll love it!

#5   Roost Repurposed & Recycled


So as the name hinted, this two-storey cafe has furnitures and decors that are recycled. Think clothes hangers around a light bulb to make a lamp, old beer cartons converted into chairs.. you get the drift. I love going to the second floor where there’s air-conditioning and an outdoor smoking corner where you get the view of the busy street. And the best part is, this place is pretty empty during weekends, which is great because you get a really chill vibe, and that’s what cafes are about right!



What to order: Froyo, Fruit Juice
Try their froyo, it’s pretty darn good, if you think llao llao is nice, you’ll be satisfied with theirs I guarantee! Also try their fresh cold pressed fruit juices that is so refreshing, I always get one when I go!
P/s Don’t bother trying the coffee though, much better coffee introduced below hehe
Can’t seem to find the opening hours online, but they always open when I visit on Saturdays!


1, Jalan Dhoby, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

# 4 The Replacement 

Well, this cafe’s decor is entirely different from the #5, it’s a more elegant, simple and clean vibe. Personally I liked the rustic, old school kind of cafes, but my friends, chao and lyd, loved the vibes here (maybe because the air con was much stronger haha). And yes, they provide a foosball table, so my two friends were very very entertained haha.





What to order: Smoked salmon eggs benedict, Coffee 
OMG the coffee here is super good, I’m a caffeine addict and their coffee is really what all cafes should serve. I’m aware that different people have different tastes when it comes to coffee.. but to me, this totes rocked my day. The flat white here is strong, yet not too bitter, and perfectly balanced with the milk. And for food, their breakfast items were good too, I cannot find a single fault with my dish: poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, served over smoked salmon and crispy toasted bread, i enjoyed every single bite of it!
P/s don’t order the churros though, it was way too oily



Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturdays: 9am to 10pm
Sundays: 10am to 7pm

33,34, Jalan Dhoby, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia



#3 Bev C 

IMG_0730 IMG_0739
A classy fashion apparel store on the ground floor, with a cafe on the upper level makes this place easy to miss. The cafe has different sections with pretty much different decors, and the one we were seated at was pretty industrial. But damn I loved seating here. They have a bed for you seat on guys, come on, it doesn’t get better that this!






What to order: Chocolate Mint Pie, Espresso cubes with milk
Their chocolate mint pie is heavenly, omg. This was actually the last stop so we were all pretty bloated now.. and yes we still gobbled up that pie, it’s so so good. The cookie base was firm and gave the right amount of crunch, and the mint top was just so light and refreshing! I personally hate desserts that are overly sweet, but this pie is balances the sugar and the flavors (mint and choc) so well, it’s like you can eat a whole pie and not feel sick of it! And the espresso cubes with milk was good, pretty refreshing as well, makes a good instagram photo too hehe.




Tuesday to Friday: 12nn to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 11pm
Mondays: Closed

54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee

# 2  Roost Juice and Bar

IMG_2164IMG_2048 IMG_2051 IMG_2035 IMG_2034

As the name hinted, this cafe is the sister to #1, but an entirely different concept. Nothing is recycled here per se, but everything here is old and vintage. There’s also 2 storeys to this cafe, and yes the upper deck does have a smoking corner too! I liked the vibe to this place, as similar to #1, the place is huge but there are not many customers, so you really get that laid back chill vibe.




IMG_2041 IMG_2038IMG_2036 IMG_2045

What to order: Beef Noodles and Chicken Chop
What I really love about this place is their food! I mean, I do love my western brunches but if you’re going on a cafe spree, you’re probably gonna be sick of them. Please do yourself a favor and come over this cafe, order a drink (mango tango is not bad) and order their beef noodles! Chunks of beef mixed together with that sticky thick noodles over gravy. The star of the dish was definitely the noodles! I love thick, chewy and springy noodles so this is one for me! We ordered their chicken chop which was good as well!
P/s the smoked duck fried rice was pretty mehhh, so don’t bother.




Monday to Saturday: 12pm – 4pm &  6pm – 12mn
Sundays: 6pm – 12mn

9, Jalan Dhoby 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor

# 5  The Ice Cream Project (TIP)

IMG_2194 IMG_2188 IMG_2192

This last place I wanna recommend wouldn’t really qualify as a cafe in my books (I mean, what exactly is a cafe? A good debate arises every time I talk to Jon about this) but to others it might, so here goes! An ice cream shop that sells nothing much ice cream and drinks (good selection of tea). Good vibe to this place, although its so so crowded!





This places makes your order from scratch using nitrogen to freeze your ice cream on the spot, so really it’s “fresh”. And I loved their Brownies and Cookies flavor, which is basically their version of Cookies and Cream just that their cookies are hard to give that slight crunch. I loved their base, which is super rich and milky!




Friday to Sat: 3pm to 12mn
Sunday to Thurs: 3pm to 10pm
Monday: Closed

31, Jalan Dhoby 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor


And that’s the end of my Top 5 cafes near the JB checkpoint! I actually visited pretty much all the cafes in the vicinity before writing this post, so I assure you these few cafes are really worth visiting! I ranked them according to the ambience (decor and vibes) as well as the food!

How to get there?
So if you noticed, most of the cafes are on Jalan Dhoby except for Bev C, I’ve circled my Top 5 cafes in red below on the map (some of the names of the cafes have not been updated on google maps, but I’ve labeled them!). From the checkpoint or city square, just ask for directions to Jalan Dhoby and once you’re there, you’ll see all the cafes!



If you see the maps, you’ll notice that there are many other cafes around, like Maco Vintage, Coffee Valley, Chaiwalla & Co. etc but trust me! Those cafes can wait (I’ve tried them all), because the 5 cafes on my list, are totally worth your trip to JB! That said, do check out my Top 5 eats near the JB checkpoint if you’re not into cafes and would prefer to go for roast duck, kuey teow, sting rays etc!

Till then, happy cafe hopping on the other side! 🙂
(P/s prices are so much affordable compared to SG too!)