Top 5 eats in Paris

After donkey years, I’m finally ready to start writing more about my exchange food journey in Europe. Sadly, for most of the countries I visited, I only stayed for a couple of days so for most of them I didn’t manage to come up with a worthy top 5 eats list, but feel free to ask me for recommendations!

So my first city with my Top 5 eats was my Top 5 eats in London, click here to view! Next up, will be my favorite gastronomic experience of all European cities- Paris! I love french food, although expensive, their food is so well-balanced and sophisticated. Before I get you hungry.. as usual lets start of with some non-food related photos! 🙂

In the city of love with my love <3

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We spent exactly 1 week in Paris, so we got to cover most of the standard places like the Lourve, Eiffel Tower, Catacombs of Paris.. I would always recommend going for a walking tour in every European city! So of course I went for the one in Paris too.

Also, we manage to go for a day trip to Versailles, to see the palace, which was pretty beautiful too. I would recommend going to Montmartre for a slack and chill day, it’s a place where the artists in Paris used to hang out, so the whole vibe of the place is pretty neat.. nothing special but I loved the environment 🙂

The Eiffel Tower really lived up to its name! For me at least, because Jon wasn’t as overwhelmed as me. Every hour the lights will sparkle and at that moment, I was totally mesmerized! Anyhow, let’s move on to our main agenda.. My Top 5 eats in Paris! I am really proud of my Top 5 eats, I did intensive research for this.. and has to eliminate all the fine dining options. So don’t worry I didn’t list all the top tier restaurants. These are more affordable for everyone, bearing in mind that this is Paris after all!


#5 Au Petit Sud Ouest

When you think of french food, foie gras immediately comes to mind. And yes, I’m going to kick start this entry with my first recommendation, the legendary goose liver! So you can choose your choice of pan-fried or fresh foie gras!

The fresh one was something I’ve never had before. So basically you put it on hot piping toast (every table gets a toaster so you can toast your bread on the spot), and it melts like butter! It was surprisingly so so good. Every bite of the toast and you have that creamy flavor. Totes hit the spot!

The pan fried one was really good as well, perfectly cooked, not like some places who tend to overcook foie gras! This place isn’t that expensive anyway, probably around $40 per person? Which is honestly considered reasonable given the quality and of course.. its Paris after all! Must must must come if you’re a fan of foie gras- I can’t emphasize enough!

P/s They are also famous for their Magret de Canard (duck breast) and Duck Confit, but that’s not the star of this entry.


46 Ave de la Bourdonnais 75007
Near the Eiffel Tower (so plan them together)
12pm-2pm, 6pm-10pm, CLOSED ON MON AND SUN

#4 La Creperie Bretonne

IMG_3928 IMG_3930

Okay, so as you can tell.. I’m starting off with the French classics first! And what’s more french than crepes? Something we are all somewhat familiar with even in Asian countries. So yes! This place serves amazing amazing crepes that are light, crispy and most importantly so flavorful (there’s this buttery goodness to it).

Personally I preferred the savory crepes, because I really like how well the hot crepes goes with the ice cream. So do try their crêpe au caramel au beurre salé (salted butter caramel crepe), the caramel drizzle was really good (not too sweet) and as a whole, super darn worth it. The whole cafe was super crowded with locals having their after dinner desserts!


56 rue Montparnasse 75014
12pm-1130pm everyday

#3 Pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki

IMG_4120SAMSUNG CSC IMG_4123 IMG_4125 IMG_4122 IMG_4121

Okay.. actually there are really too many French classics. But when one is in Paris, one must go and have a macaroon in a Parisian bakery! There’s your usual big names like Laduree and Pierre Herme. But here’s the new kid on the block! Presenting Parisan-Japanese fusion desserts, and I am super impressed! So many other friends who been to Paris before me has recommended me this bakery, with Asian flavors like Green Tea, I’m hooked!

Tried a few items and they were all darn good! But if you were to ask me to pick only 1, I would say its the Green Tea Macaroons. Perfectly balanced between the green tea essence and the sweetness, the filling is to die for. And sandwiched between that crispy chewy shell.. so good i would have tabao all back to Singapore if I could.




Various locations at:
56 boulevard de Port Royal 75005 (I went to this one),
25 rue Pérignon 75015,
35 rue de vaugirard 75006,
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet 1er étage @ 35 Boulevard Haussmann 75009

In general, 10am-6pm (Closed on Mon)

#2 Le Temps des Cerises



Okay so this place serves amazing Magret de Canard, which is basically duck breast. People tend to associate duck breast with dry and tough texture. But the french does it to perfection. The texture is basically like a medium rare beef, smooth and chewy. This applies to all almost all Magret de Canard in Paris (of course based on my limited exposure), but this restaurant stands out because of the flavors. They cook the duck with caramelized bananas, and it goes so so well together! So much finest and sophistication, and yet it works so well. Felt like a superb dish complimented by all the judges from Masterchef USA (which I am watching the season 6 now), just awesome. Oh and I order escargot too, which was good, but everywhere in Paris serves good escargot haha.


31 rue de la Cerisaie 75004
8am to 12am everyday

#1 Relais de l’Entrecôte


According to my friend who recommended me this place, it serves the best entrecôte in town. “The Relais de L’Entrecôte’s walnut salad, tender sirloin steak served with its famous sauce and golden thin-cut French fries, as well as its delicious desserts, have been a mark of success for decades.” This is what the restaurant boasts and indeed their famous sauce was worthy of its name!

The sauce is a great balance of saltiness and sourness, and goes really well with the steak and the fries! The fries were as they claimed, crispy. The steak was good, but nothing much to wow me! So yes, the sauce was really good for me, and I loved the ambience of the place as well. However, do note that there are long queues! So try to go 30 mins before they open!


 (I went to this outlet!)
Open every day from noon to 2:30 pm and from 7 to 11:30 pm.
WE & holidays from noon to 2:45 pm and from 7 to 11:30 pm.

And that’s the end of my Top 5 eats in Paris! I really really love parisian food! It’s my top favorite European cities in terms of gastronomic experience! Too yummy I’m having intense craving for french food whilst writing this post! So do your tummy a favor and try these 🙂 Meanwhile stay hungry!