Top 5 Cafes in Singapore (Based on Food)

Hi everyone! Qiu here! This is perhaps the first ever guest post for this blog! And it is written by my very good friend: Chao
So anyways the reason why I told him to write about cafes because he goes to so many cafes in Singapore, way way more than me (& i think i go quite often alr). So I asked him to write an entry about his Top 5 cafes ACCORDING TO THEIR FOOD QUALITY. Which means that ambience, price and location is pretty much secondary.

This is his list, and I’ve personally tried most them. I wanted to add some some photos and comments of my own, but I realize it should be really all about him. So tadah! Here’s his raw entry! Anyways, do follow him at @jinggchao on instagram for more of his cafe hopping photos! Let’s go! ❤

Recently, the café scene in Singapore is booming and becoming more and more prominent with many new cafes opening every now and then. When we talk about Cafés, the usual few things that come to our minds are : tantalizing food, good ambience, soothing music, great coffee, a nice place to chill etc. ; The list could go on and on.

I have been to several cafes usually around the West Areas as well as Upper Thompson, Tiong Bahru, Outran Park and Tanjong Pager. In my opinion, these few cafes are the ones worth dropping by!
(based on food quality and in no particular order)

#1 Artistry


Unfortunately, this was the only photo I took from the café. The café  is just a short 5-10mins walk from Bugis Mrt Station. The café itself isn’t very big, but the interior of the café looks warm and cosy. When I was there, I actually sat outdoors instead as the floral set-up on the tables attracted me haha!


  • Here’s the Menu for Artistry: ImageImage

The first photo that I posted for this café was the food that I ate; which were the BRB Pancakes and the Belgian Waffles with Honey Ice Cream. The pancakes and the waffles were both pretty darn good, especially on a hot afternoon! The combination of the maple syrup, mix berries compote and the honey ice cream together in a single mouth just tasted awesome! A pretty good place to chill and laze your day away!



#2 Habitat Coffee

Habitat Coffee is located at Upper Thompson Road along the stretch of cafes and eateries around that area. The café is usually pretty crowded with people especially on weekends. I really like their flavoured coffee there ( caramel , mocha & hazelnut ) . Their brunch and truffle fries are really worth trying without burning a hole in your pocket!

I have been to habitat a couple of times and during the most recent visit, me and my friends had their Waffle Sunrise , Hell0 Truffle , Habitat Fusion Tea , Hot Jasmine Green Tea and my usual Flavoured Coffee.



This café is really worth a visit if you want to have your caffeine fix or just hang out with some friends!


#3 W39 Bistro & Bakery

As I stay around Clementi Central, W39 Café is just a convenient 5-10 minutes walk from my house/Clementi Mrt Station. It is located at 39 Jalan Mas Puteh close to Haq-Insaf’s Eating place which sells pretty nice Mushroom Cheese Prata which is on qiuthosefood as well!  The café is located among the private properties and you will pass by Clementi Sports Hall and Stadium if you are walking from the Mrt. You will also see a Swing near the café as well.

Away from the hustle and bustle, the café is the perfect place to relax and unwind on a lazy weekend. They have a pretty wide of food and drinks to choose from. If you’re heading over on a weekend morning/ afternoon, you can have their brunch items which is only available on weekends from 9am – 3pm or their mains from 12noon onwards. If you’re afraid that it might be packed, you can make your reservations via phone call or through their website.

This was some of the food I had throughout the many times I’ve been there:

 Processed with VSCOcam IMG_4148 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Croque Madame, Braised Pork Cheek Panini , Rainbow Cake &  Chocolate Cake ( excluding the drinks )

To be honest, the Panini wasn’t fantastic, but the Croquet Madame was pretty good especially for breakfast.

Oh and their cakes. If I remember correctly, there was a offer for Cakes and Coffee on weekdays 3pm-5pm; Any 2 coffee and 2 cakes for $19.90. That was why I headed down to try the cakes late afternoon on a weekday. The thick and rich chocolate cake with a scoop of ice-cream was a perfect combination, and it was freaking filling( for me at least ) . The rainbow cake on the other hand was one of the more popular pick among the people there, but it wasn’t the best I have tasted. Nevertheless, it was pretty decent and of course, visually appetizing and ” instaworthy” haha!

Besides their brunch and cakes, they serve their mains for dinner as well. I couldn’t find the photo I took when I had dinner there but me and my friends ate Confit Of Duck Leg, Wagyu Burger with their special soup of the day which I can’t recall what was it.

After our mains , we decided to have some Ciders along with Crispy Chicken Winglets. I LOVEEE Ciders and we had all the 4 different flavours of the Cheeky Rascal ciders which cost $13 each. The ciders were pretty good and you can find them at certain Cold Storage Outlets.



This café is located at 2 McCallum Street, in the CBD area, and everything there is nett priced if I remembered correctly. Try not to go during lunch hours as they might be a crowd there. The coffee they serve wasn’t fantastic as I think my Latte was lacking in aroma. The main thing here that arouses my taste buds was their All Day Breakfast, Eggs Florentine & Eggs Royale. I am a big fan of salmon and the combination of it with the eggs and the brioche was heavenly.

The sprinkle of salt and pepper and some garnish were excellent accompaniments for the eggs. Though I know nuts about making poached eggs, I do know that they are pretty tricky to make. The poached eggs I had that day was close to perfection; the white wasn’t that runny and it was a pleasure to see the flowing yolk on the smoked salmon and Brioche.

IMG_4050Eggs Royale

#5  La Ristrettos

This café is located at Novena Medical Centre and I would say it is a Hidden Gem as I never though I would find such a nice café around this area. It is close to impossible to chance upon this café yourself without hearing if from friends or finding it on the internet, as it is located at #08-37, Novena Medical Centre. The café serves great All Day Breakfast sets and Coffee, and in addition to that they have a very pretty interior design which looks interesting as well as a outdoor garden which gives a very serene and relaxed feel to the café.


What I had was their Mocha and their Grande Breakfast set where you have a choice of poached, scrambled or sunny side up for your eggs, along with their sourdough bread, mushrooms, bacon slices and a generous serving of Rocket Salad.



Besides their breakfast set, I had their home made Pear Tart with Vanilla Gelato. My goodness, the pear tart was Superbbbbbbb! It was hot, crispy, and the pear slices were sweet and juicy. Together with the ice cream in your mouth, the pear tart was absolutely delicious, though we had to wait a good 15minutes for it.


In a nutshell, these are the top 5 cafes worth visiting in my honest opinion. There are many other cafes around Singapore which I have yet to explore and I’m sure that there are even better ones which I may not know or have left out. And also, taste can be quite subjective at times when it comes to coffee.  Anyway, do check out these cafes!

************************************End of guest post**************************************


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