Must try: Top 1 Home Made Noodle

2013-11-11 11.56.00
Went on a sunday, and the queue was crazy! You can order and take your ticket number, and head to your tables till your queue number is near. But the waiting time was almost an hour, so please be prepared to wait! And what does everyone love about this?

This is it! As the name suggests, their handmade noodles are what people go cray cray for. You can choose the type of handmade noodle you want, the ingredients, and finally whether you want it dry or soup! I chose the you mian (thinner noodles), with the normal ingredients which consist of minced meat and meatballs! But they have other ingredients like abalone, prawns etc etc. AND I LOVE IT DRY! The dark sauce just goes so well with the noodles! (and they give you a bowl of soup on the side anyways)


2013-11-11 12.01.45
Next you mix the noodles with the sauce! I don’t really know what’s so nice about this dish in particular, but I really love the noodles! It has the right texture: firm and chewy! And the sauce is just right, not too thick! Plus very few places sell dry ban mian with dark soya sauce.


2013-11-11 12.03.40
And another thing that I love would be their minced meat. It’s so so tender and perfectly seasoned! It’s really damn good. It’ doesn’t have that weird pork taste. Their minced meat is added to all the plates! Regardless of which type of ingredient you order, this will be included! It’s so so good!

P/s I always tell the auntie not to add chili (if you don’t say anything, she will add chili to your plate) and ask to be given chili on a side plate only after I collect my bowl. She always nags at me, saying this is actually not allowed bla bla. But anyways I always do that because their chili is very very spicy but super super good! Goes super well with the noodles. So I always eat half of my bowl of noodles without chili, then add chili to the next half of the bowl! That way, I get 2 types of flavor, haha!


#04-44, Beauty World Centre 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
HP: 98576126 Closed on Alt. Sun, Daily: 9.00am – 8.30pm