Must Try: Lixin Teochew Fishball Noodle

During my internship, I often dine with my colleagues in food courts and one of our favorite places to go would be west gate’s food republic. One day, my colleague ordered the fish ball noodles from this stall and she asked me to try them. I have never really been a fan of fish ball noodles, but I still tried some since she was lamenting on how nice it was. And after a bite, I kept going back to this place for my fish ball noodles addiction. This place made me love fish ball noodles! And hence, I’ve declared this place as my best food find during my internship period! 



SAMSUNG CSCThe reason why I love the fish ball noodles here. Their noodles! You simply must order their dry version. Their firm but springy noodles tossed in that killer sauce mixture of chili and ketchup. It had the perfect balance between sweet and savory. So good! To make it even better, they give a super generous dollop of fried pork lard, my absolute favorite! I think their pork lard is freshly fried because it didn’t have that dry and smelly taste that lots of other shops do.



SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCI’m no fish ball expert, but their fish balls are really soft and tender. It’s weird to describe a fish ball as tender, but it really is! Tender but bouncy. And the fish paste is freshly made twice daily so you don’t have that artificial taste. Jon simply loves this place because of their fish balls! While for me, I am a fish dumpling person! I love their fish dumpling here, so so nice compared to most of the other places who serve store-bought ones!


So anyways, the best part about the introduction is that Lixin Fishball Noodles is sold in a lot of places! Apparently, it is very popular and was already in so many food courts! I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t know about it sooner.. but never too late right! I’ve never been a strong fan of food courts, more so an avid fan of hawker centers, but after this find.. my faith in food courts is restored! Do try Lixin’s noodles in any of their many outlets below!


FEATURED IN PHOTOS: Westgate, B1 Food Republic
ION Shopping Mall, B4 Food Republic Foodcourt
112, Katong, 4th floor Foodcourt
Causeway Point, 4th floor Foodcourt
Jurong East JEM, Foodcourt
IHQ (Breadtalk group International Head office)
Toa Payoh Lorong 7, #01-20
Nex Shopping Center, B2 Republic Foodcourt