Top 5 eats in Kuala Lumpur 2014

Hi all, just came back from my getaway to kuala lumpur with jon+my bro+val+val’s friend! And here’s my top 5 eats for 2014! I frequent KL often, so despite this being a new blog, there’s alr 2 posts about KL prior to this! Do check them out: here and here. So as usual, before I start on my food highlights, here are some travel photos!


Made a trip to the Batu Caves this time and climbed the crazy stairs up! Really reminds me of my recent trip to hongkong where I visited the big buddha. Batu caves is actually one of the most popular hindu shrines outside of India!


Monkeys were all around the caves and looking at them interact with the tourists were pretty entertaining. I particularly love the silhouette shot of them on the trees here 🙂


These photos were taken at the top, when we were inside the caves! I was mesmerized by the limestone formations, the patterns and all, nature’s work is pretty amazing. 



We also went to visit the Lake Gardens, which is like a huge ass area around the lake, located in the center of KL. So it’s kind of like the NYC Central Park I guess. They had like a deer garden as well, hence the photo of the deers. And its all free! The bird park is there as well, but we didn’t go there since it’s not free like the rest haha. Pretty nice place to chill.



Okay, so now it’s time for the food! Malaysian cuisine is pretty similar to Singapore’s, and that’s why I have extremely high expectations for the food in KL. It was really hard to find my Top 5 eats, but after discussions with my travel buddies.. here they are!




#5   Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist

This place is located beside Petaling Street, which is the place I always visit when I’m in KL. This place is a block away from the entrance to Petaling Street. It’s directly opposite of Lai Foong Restaurant so you can ask for directions to Lai Foong Restaurant, and you’ll see the shop! Super convenient location!



When I have noodles, I always have them dry so I can taste both their gravy and their soup! So here we had a bowl of kuey teow with beef gravy, with a bowl of the soup in the background. I really enjoyed the beef gravy, it was fragrant and tasty. And it didn’t have the smelly beef weird taste! It was a really satisfying bowl, which is something you won’t be able to get in SG.



But what I really loved were the soup with all their ingredients! The beef slice was heavenly. It was chewy and tender, unlike the typical beef slices that are flaky, this one had the right texture. You wouldn’t believe that this was beef, the texture was so pork-like. And the beef balls were bouncy and tasty! Together with that light but oh-so-refreshing soup, you would think that you have attained nirvana.


7A, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone : 6012-673 7318/6017-238 8331
Business hours : 10.30am – 3.30pm daily.
Closed on Wednesdays.




#4   Valentine Roti


This is an entry that I struggled whether to include in the Top 5 or not. Go google Valentine Roti, and you’ll see numerous outstanding reviews raving about it being the best roti canai in KL. This stall even appears on travel shows! With all that hype, I really had super super high expectations about this place! However, it fell short on my expectations, perhaps my expectations were too high.. because the food here is really good! But I was kind of hoping for a really outstanding dish! Anyhow, here’s what I would reccomend!



Here’s the signature dish, as the name suggests.. Roti Valentine. The roti had a charred taste to it, which was heavier than the ones in SG, I liked that about the prata. But the filling is really what makes it unique. There were sardines, onions etc, I couldn’t really make out what it contained.. But it was really tasty! I would prefer SG’s roti prata anytime, but nevertheless, many has vouched this to be the best roti canai in KL! So it’s definitely a must try if you want KL’s version of roti!


But this is the dish that I really love.. Roti Kosong Garing. It’s like our plain prata, but the one here is so light, so crispy, so thin, and best of all, it’s really grease free! Same for the Roti Valentine above, it’s really grease free. Makes me feel that the roti here is actually healthy haha! The plain roti itself is so so good, and it goes so well with the 3 sauces they serve on the side! I ate the whole roti kosong with only the sambal chili (yes, they serve it with chili here), because it just goes so well together! Super yums!


Valentine Roti Store
Address: No. 1, Jalan Semarak,
54000 Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite Wisma Celcom)
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 4pm – 2am (Closed on Sundays)



#3   Restoran Pan Heong


This place is definitely my best find this trip! It’s located pretty near batu caves, so we actually cab over here for lunch, then walked for about 30 mins to Batu caves (helps with digestion anyways haha). I’m actually very proud of this find, because I actually googled pretty extensively on the best hor fun in KL before I decided to make a trip down!


Alright, it’s a no-brainer that the dish I want to introduce is the hor fun! This is their Sang Har Wat Dan Hor, the silky kuey teow drenched with that smooth, thick and eggy sauce.. that’s really the best. And what makes it better, the kuey teow has that robust and strong wok hei taste! Each mouth is really addictive and will keep you wanting more! BEST HOR FUN EVER.

(oh but a little tip! don’t order the fresh water prawns if you don’t really fancy prawns, because it was fresh but really nothing special. and it will be so much cheaper if you do without the prawns)



Of course we ordered other dishes as well, and here are my recommendations! From the top:
i. Nam Yu (fermented bean curd) Pork, they used fatty pork meat for this and I loved it. The meat was chewy and the seasoning was similar to prawn paste chicken’s, so what’s not to love?!
ii. Sweet Potato Leaves in Sambal, vegetables that are super fresh cooked in sambal that had the perfect balance between its saltiness and spiciness, yums!
iii. Sang Yu (snake head fish) and Century Egg Porridge, the porridge was so smooth. As you can see from the pic, it was cooked with the right consistency, not too watery yet not too thick. And the ingredients were really fresh! Overall, a bowl of porridge that you can’t nitpick a single flaw.


No.2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
Batu Caves, 68100 Selangor
(parallel to SRJK Kheow Bin)
Tel: 03-6187 7430
Opens from 8am to 330pm daily.

#2   Chinatown Seng Kee


10595815_10204650831340268_1986324822_n 10595815_10204650830540248_165585330_n
Located near Petaling Street, this is a really good place for dinner! Especially since there are so many lok lok stalls around the area, where you can go for supper! I simply love eating fresh cockles with the lok lok sauces! That’s my kind of supper hehe.


10609221_10204650829700227_69197410_n 10601130_10204650831220265_1980890379_n
Their signature dish is the Claypot Loshifan! This is pearl noodles, or we call it Bee Tai Bak in Singapore that is braised in this fragrant dark sauce! Together with egg and some meat, this is such a hearty and comforting meal. The pearl noodles is really soft but yet still has a certain chewy-ness to it. And the part I love the most is that this dish is not too salty nor oily. A really good respite from the sinful meals I have been eating in KL! 


52, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur (Near Swiss Inn)
It’s just down Jalan Sultan after Popular Book Shop or opposite Shanghai Bookstore/Southern Bank.
Only open at night, 7:30pm – 2:00/3:00am
03-2072 5950




#1   Imbi Market


This is my first time to Imbi Market for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning and despite having to drag myself out of bed.. I had absolutely no regrets! I always love going to hawker centers, because of that rowdy and vibrant atmosphere. And imbi market was of no exception! The ambience was really good, filled with energy and noise, and in a good way of course!



Anyway, the ambience wouldn’t count for anything as this blog searches for good food with any kind of atmosphere, or at any cost for that matter! So the reason why I am introducing imbi market.. is this: Ginger and Wine Mee Sua
The broth was super super good. It was such a hearty bowl, I would be craving for this every time I’m sick for sure! The soup was refreshing and soothing, and I really really loved the extra oomph by the rice wine! There were also eggs and pig intestine in the bowl. To add to the credibility, we actually ordered this dish after eating like 5 dishes from the market, so we were v full and yet we still found this bowl really yummy!



I would also like to recommend the drinks from this stall! The Hainanese Tea is really power! It’s actually half tea half coffee, like your yuan yang. It was so so smooth! The drink had no trace of bitterness! I love the balance of acidity and milk. Super shiok! And we also ordered the milk tea, which was v smooth, comparable to those in Hongkong!



Other items you should order as well:

Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tau Fu: all items here are freshly made everyday, so they are really really fresh and tasty. the chee cheong fun was smooth and chewy while the other yong tau fu items had crispy outer crunch and a really tasty and soft fish paste inside!



Egg Tarts: they come in various flavors so it’s pretty unique. the original egg tart has a really rich flavor and it’s not too sweet so you can taste a lot of the egg. the crust is light and flaky and doesn’t feel greasy. it’s v popular too!



Crispy Popiah: the skin was really thin and to me that’s very important for a popiah! for the filling they added this crispy like thing, and hence the name “crispy popiah”. that crisp added provided a very good crunch to the popiah, it was well-balanced with the vegetables filling!


Imbi Market (also known as Pasar Imbi)
Jalan Melati, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 6.30am til noon Tuesdays to Sundays.
Closed Mondays. 



And that sums up my Top 5 eats in KL 2014! To be honest, I felt that my Top 5 eats in 2013 was slightly better, because it had all my family’s favorite stalls! But nevertheless, rest assured that everything here on this blog is what I feel is the best! There’s so many other “famous” places in KL that we tried but failed to make it on this list! Places like “Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh“, “Lian Mei Hokkien Mee Stall” and the most disappointing eat will actually be “Om burger“.



Om burger is this highly raved ramly burger in KL, dubbed as the best ramly burger! It’s located at quite an ulu place and we actually drove there for supper with our SG plate car! It was really dangerous in a way, because there were lots of shady people around. I thought that it would be worth it, but hell no! The burger was so ordinary! Better than the ones in SG, but I’ve tasted much much better ones in JB!
(Shall do a top 5 eats in JB soon eh haha)



So anyways, that’s all for KL! I’ll probably come out with the 2015 version during my next trip! Anyway, look out for my upcoming post on my Top 5 eats in Bangkok! Till then, stay hungry ❤