Must try: MRS PHO

As you can tell from the name of this place, it’s vietnamese! I’ve never been a fan of vietnamese food, because I hate lemongrass, which is a staple ingredient in vietnamese cuisine. But recently, I read about this vietnamese place that’s a new kid on the block at beach road! I was drawn by the hipster vibe and of course more importantly, the boasting of the best pho in town! I just had to go over and check it out, and I have been going there ever since!


So the place is modeled after vietnam’s street stalls so the furniture is simple street food style while the walls are painted with “graffiti”. This place screams hipster man. Oh, and don’t fret, because the place is air-conditioned! So you’ll not be sweating under the hot sun like you would in vietnam!


First, would like to introduce this amazing appetizer: Green Mangos
I love the chili spice infused salt dipping you see in the background! The mango is fresh, well balanced between sour and sweet. But really, it’s the dipping that I love. Salty yet spicy at the same time, together with that sweet and sour mango, that’s really a lot of flavors in a bite! However I have to say that this is really my personal preference because all my friends whom I brought there felt that  the mango was good, but nothing really really special. I love it anyways!


This is the highlight of the meal: Grilled Meatballs
The meatballs here are charred on the outside. Take a bite, and all that amazing juices would gush into your mouth. The meat is soft and tender, while busting with flavor. One of the best I’ve had, so so good!


What’s vietnam cuisine without pho right? As the name “MRS PHO” suggest, this place serve really really good pho.
I always order the sliced beef pho, with an additional portion of their beef meatballs.

Let’s start with the ingredients. Their beef slices are tender and tasty, the beef meat balls are super bouncy and have that yummy beef aroma infused into it. The noodles were silky and soft. But I guess like all soup-based dishes, the soup is very important. And MRS PHO nailed it! The soup is super light on the palette but yet you could taste the beef in every mouth. Its really something I would crave for every time it’s cold or when I’m sick. A super super comforting bowl of noodles! YUMS.


Lastly for dessert, I would order their Avocado Milkshake!
I call it dessert because milkshakes are heavy to me, and to call it a drink doesn’t seem right! Anyways, their avocado milkshake is smooth and milky, just to way I would want it to be!

349 Beach Road
Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 22:00

So here’s the end of my introduction, this place is definitely worthy to be checked out! Jon always frequent this place ever since he tried it! And all my friends agrees that the pho here is much better than Nam Nam! Oh and the food here is cheap is my opinion, most of the vietnamese restaurants are overpriced! Here you get cheap, authentic and super super yummy vietnamese food! ❤

Till then, stay tuned for my next post about the Top 5 eats in Kuala Lumpur 2014!