Top 5 eats in Bukit Panjang

So I’ve been staying at bukit panjang all my life, and it’s true: there’s really not much good food around here. Out of curiosity, I once googled about good food around my home, but to no avail! It’s quite pathetic sigh..

However, after staying here for over 20 years, I have to say it’s not all hopeless! In this beloved neighborhood of mine, I’ve present to you my first ever Top 5 eats locally.. Top 5 eats in Bukit Panjang! These are the Top 5 food items that you should definitely try when you’re at bukit panjang, or around the vicinity. So in no particular order, here goes!

#1   Chin Choon Prawn Noodle

2013-10-30 11.39.32
2013-10-30 11.39.41
2013-11-10 13.16.56
Their prawn noodle pretty unique, as you get tell from the pictures. I always order them dry and the noodles of your choice will be tossed in black sauce and bits of fried garlic! Oh so yummy! Love it. You can choose your own ingredients of prawns/kidney/liver, but I personally didn’t like their pig organs. So I would recommend you to go for the prawns only, which are fresh and shelled! Oh yes, the best part is their soup! It’s the sweet type, super fragrant, super wholesome. You’ll get a bowl of it even when you order the dry one, and with free refills as well!


Chun Sheng Yuan Eating House
826 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore
(I know it says bukit timah road, but don’t worry its merely 5 mins walk from bukit panjang lrt)

Opening hours: Everyday from early morning (6am) till 3pm or when sold out!


#2   Chun Sheng Yuan Eating House: Indian Muslim Food

Ahhhh the stall is right beside the prawn noodle stall in the same coffee shop! As you can see from the picture above, the right one is the prawn noodle, and the left is the prata. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I always order the prata as my side dish (I eat a lot haha!)
The indian shop doesn’t have a name.. and that’s how hidden this find is!


The plain prata (aka kosong) IS THE BOMB. Crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside which is very hard to achieve. The dough is also delicious, fresh and not too starchy! I would make a bold statement and say: THIS IS THE BEST PLAIN PRATA I’VE EVER TASTED!
I mean, different people have different preferences for prata, but this fits my bill perfectly, omnomnom. 🙂
Opening hours: Everyday from early morning (6am) till 3pm or when sold out!

#3   Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant

This is probably the most famous amongst the other posts- it has been featured on straits times and highly recommended by various other food blogs. Their signature? The Fish Head Curry, indian style of course! The curry here is really fragrant, bursting with spices and the fish meat is oh-so-tender. Goes so well with the curry. Plus, the rice + vegetables + papadums (crackers) has unlimited refills! So it’s kind of like a buffet 🙂

A little short disclaimer: I’m not a strong fan of Indian curry, but I feel that this is indeed a really really yummy dish. And there were so many native indians there, SO THIS POT OF CURRY GOT THEIR STRONG APPROVAL TOO OK! Nevertheless, Jon, who is a super crazy Indian curry fan, claims that this is only the number 2 indian fish head curry in singapore! Number 1 will be released in the coming posts hehe.


KARU’S Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant
808/810,Upper Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 678144
Tel 67627284
Operating Hours: 10.30am to 10.00pm
Closed on Mondays

(This is a stone’s throw away from #1 & #2)

#4   Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies)

 2013-11-21 11.44.05
I stumbled along this relatively new eatery in bukit panjang plaza, and decided to give it a shot. AND I LOVED IT. The first dish I would recommend would be the Dry Ipoh Hor Fun! The char siew is good, honey glazed to this sweet, tender texture. But what I really love about this dish is the horfun, it’s silky soft but yet chewy AND drenched in that dark sauce which is light is flavour but yet oh-so-tasty. Mix it with the fried onions and spring onions and there you have it: MY FAVORITE BOWL OF DRY IPOH HOR FUN.


The next dish that you have to dry would be the Dry Ban Mian which is also drenched in dark sauce but with an additional dollop of minced meat. This makes the ban mian a little slimy and wet on the outside, BUT yet the noodles are still chewy (not soggy at all). This makes a really good texture for the noodles! AND PLUS the sambal chilli here is so so good! If you’re a chilli person, I can forsee you adding heaps of it to your noodles, yummy!



I understand that this restaurant has a few outlets in singapore, I initally thought that bukit panjang plaza was the only outlet, hence I have included it in this list, haha.

Opens from 8.15am to 9.45pm
Shan Cheng (Ipoh Delicacies)
Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-56/57


#5   Blk 163’s Ke Kou Mian (Koka Noodles)



This bowl of noodles makes so many people drive to bukit panjang to satisfy their craving. While the Fish Head Curry above is famous via mainstream media, this stall is famous by the undergrounds means, and by that I mean forums and the word of mouth. Come here during weekends and be expected to queue for an hour.Looks like maggie mee, but that’s what they are famous for! Koka noodles cooked with their super rich and flavorful pork flavored soup! And that’s the only one you should order- their SPECIAL KOKA NOODLES. Don’t bother ordering their spicy version, I don’t think it tastes as good, the spice kind of destroys the pork essence. Anyways back to this bowl of noodles: slices of lean pork that are tender and tasty, minced meat balls that are packed with a punch- cooked with koka noodles with that addictive soup based, and lastly garnished with garlic bits. YUMMMMM.

I have to add some discretion here again (high standards to maintain on this blog you know haha), the first time you try it, you’ll probably go “ok ok only what, also not say very nice” but trust me, it gets onto you. Before you know it, you’ll be craving for this hot bowl of noodles every night.
(and plus, when there is a crowd, the standards can get inconsistent 😦 )

Bukit Panjang Coffee Shop

Blk 163, Gangsa Road
Singapore 670163
Opening Hours: 3am till 12 noon (should be la haha)

This pretty much sums up my Top 5 eats in Bukit Panjang! I actually have 1 more hokkien mee dish to intro, but it closed down recently. What a pity! Anyways, I’ll probably to updating more recipes soon, so stay tuned! ❤



I’m really glad I wrote this post because alot of my fellow bukit panjang peeps have introduced me to various other place, some of which I’ve not tried.. and some of which I did try but felt that it was not good enough to make it to top 5.
(Aiya, different people got different likes what, so don’t argue with what I feel its the best haha)
Nevertheless, I went to try this particular dish WHICH HAS BEEN RAVED ABOUT BY SO MANY PEOPLE! You can see the comments haha. It’s the braised duck from the bangkit coffeeshop beside kim san leng!SAMSUNG CSC

So I ordered the classic dry kuey teow mix noodles, and for the braised duck I requested for duck leg (i like my meat slightly fatty and tender). IT’S SO GOOD OMG. The gravy was of the right texture, not too thick and gooey. The flavor was just right, not too salty and you can taste the flavour of the duck distinctively. AND THE DUCK MEAT WAS SO SO TENDER. I loved this bowl of goodness, nothing to complain about.  🙂

Other food items that were commented and introduced were:
1. Bar Chor Mee/ Fishball Mee Tai Mat @ Bukit Panjang CC coffee shop
2. Seafood soup @ Bangkit Blk 257, beside OCBC bank
3. Mee Hoon Kuey @ Kim Sang Leng
(not sure about the address cause i just kind of copied from the comment box)
I’ll def try out these items one day and I’ll update this post if they are really as good as all the items above! But that’s if only they are worthy to be on this list! Comment if you have any more food to intro! ❤

91 thoughts on “Top 5 eats in Bukit Panjang

  1. How come no one mentioned the vegetarian noodle. It is nearer the mosque side car park, in a small stall surrounded by soya milk seller and kueh. I haven’t had it in ages (7 years?) and it is so simple but it is comfort food to me. Sells out by noon as they do only breakfast.

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