Must try: Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place

yes, i said it.

This is a hidden find, a true good hidden treasure. Even when I googled about it, there is little reviews on it. But trust me, I give the best reviews haha. Anyhow, I’ve wanted to food blog this place for quite some time, but the photos of the prata just don’t do it justice! Hence, I kept finding another opportunity to snap a good shot. But I didn’t, hence pardon the shabby photos of that yummy prata. After all, the taste is all that matters right? Hehe.

This place was introduced to me by my poker buds, and I decided to follow them out for supper one day and voila, I never stopped coming back! There’s plentof seats outdoors (where you can smoke), but they are always full. This place only opens at night till wee hours in the morning (FANTASTIC PLACE FOR SUPPER YET AGAIN), and it’s always really really crowded!



The prata is really big in size, and almost every inch of it is filled with button mushrooms and that oozy sliced cheese. Sounds really ordinary and a little big budget right? NOOOOO WAY. The cheese is milky, cheezy, with a tinge of honey. And that honey like taste makes a hell of a difference. The overall taste is that perfect balance of cheesy, sweet and savory. SIMPLY DELISH! The photos really don’t do this plate of heaven justice!!
(Oh a little disclaimer, this prata is more to the sweet side rather than the savory side, so some might not be used to it! But it’s really gooooood.)

P/s I used to love their Chicken Maggie Soup because their soup is really really good! But their standard varies, sometimes its the best bowl of maggie soup I’ve tasted, sometimes it’s so ordinary. So to uphold the standard of this food blog, I didn’t list it as a must-try. Anyhow, do try your luck and hopefully you’ll get the great bowl!

P/p/s Their Indian Maggie Goreng and their other Prata items are good as well. But seriously, the Mushroom Cheese Prata is the bomb!

Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place (Halal Food)

15 Jalan Mas Puteh (Directly opposite of Esso along West Coast Road)
Operating Hours: 4.45pm to 4.45am daily
Ample parking along the roadside.

2 thoughts on “Must try: Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place

  1. Careful with this place… Same items on diff days maybe diff… If u order too little for a group of friends… They will give u a ” ยฃโ‚ฌ*^#~%<*+…..order so little but take 10 tables look"

    Try this prata shop instead as we had boycott this stall for good..

    Blk 303 Jurong East st 32
    Enaq rest..

    1. Hi Patterson! I actually tried Enaq before but I felt that Haq is still better! But I do agree that apart from their mushroom cheese prata, the standard for other items at Haq is not consistent. Hence, although I loved their chicken maggie soup and indian mee goreng, I dare not recommend it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyways, thanks for your tip! ๐Ÿ™‚

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