Top 5 eats in Hong Kong 2013

It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated: not because I’ve stopped eating, but because I spent the bulk of dec traveling!
And I’m happy to announce that one of my travel destinations was a food trip to Hong Kong!
(The other was a trip to the Middle East and I’m still thinking whether I should food blog about it)

Anyways, just like my other overseas food trip (like to seoul, to kuala lumpur), I’m proud to present this post on the top 5 eats in HK! As you read on you would realize that “Top 5” is really an understatement as I will be providing more than that! I spent 7 days in Hong Kong and here’s what I have to share.

First of all, as per all my overseas trips, I would give a really brief overview to what I have done in HK, especially the not-so-touristy, interesting things you should consider doing as well!

So as y’all know, the thing that you would inevitably do in HK would be shopping. Some of the food places I’m going to introduce later is actually situated near the shopping districts like Central, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui etc. I wouldn’t say that the shopping is fantastic, pretty much similar to Singapore.

Anyways, there are night markets, where you can buy souvenirs/ small items situated at Temple Street (will be elaborated below) and the renowned Ladies’ Market.

Some of the party goers might want to hang out at Lan Kwai Fong to drink/sheesha/club, I went to 2 clubs: Volar and another one which was Recommended by the locals. Which you can consider going as well, I think it’s the best in HK (although Singapore clubs are way better hehehe)


So anyhow, here’s my list of tips (as I would like to put it that way):


Tip #1: Go to freaking Macau

A lot of people go to HK and just stay there. Why not make the best of your trip and go out of HK? Macau is just a 1 hr ferry ride away. I would advice you to go there for a 2 day 1 night trip. Plus, the hotels there are so cheap as compared to HK. I stayed in Sheraton (5 star) for only 150sgd/night.


What I loved about macau is the contrast between the casinos and the old architectures. There you have your stunningly beautiful hotels with grand casinos. I went during the christmas period, so there were like celebrations outside the hotels etc, really really festive! At every hotel there are like free shuttle buses to almost everywhere! So just hop on them to places like Old Taipa Village (Pic above!) to just stroll around enjoy the old town atmosphere, you’ll get to buy the local biscuits and food. Plus the weather was a bonus!

So while at Taipa, we tried out various “famous” food places, from our research on the net.
The top most features the really really famous pork bun (zhu pa bao) from Tai Lei Loi Kei, that every tourist will definitely try. The freshly baked buns were crispy, the pork was tasty but a little dry. Overall, it was not too bad, and worth a try if you’re at Taipa, but obviously not good enough for the Top 5 list (it’s really exclusive haha).
Next in line, would be the bird nest egg tarts from San Hou Lei bakery. It didn’t taste like bird nest, more so like egg whites. And it was something different but in terms of standard, definitely not Top 5 material.
The last photo is a bowl of beef noodles, with the different parts of the cow. It was good, but Jon claims that Hock Lam Beef in Singapore is much better. (He’s a beef noodle person, so more trust able).

IMG_9072 IMG_9071
Enough of Taipa. You can also hop on the shuttle bus to Senado where you get to see the famous Ruin’s of St Paul (and try to take an artistic tourist shot like me haha), and there’s also lots of shopping for biscuits and street food there! But I presonally prefer Taipa, because it’s so much more peaceful! Senado was so crowded! But while you’re there you can try the pepper meat ball that I ate, it’s good!

IMG_0488 IMG_0481
Okay, my Tip #1 is getting a little too long. So to end it off, while at Macau, you should go watch the performance “Dancing Waters”. This performance is sooooo exciting! The stage is actually some super cool thing such that the water level varies. So 1 min the dancer can be dancing on dry land, and the next min she’s swimming on the same stage! Just go youtube it, and you can see for yourself in the trailer. Truly a wonderful performance!
(Oh ya, I bought the cheapest tickets at SGD100, but the seats were great alr!)


Tip #2: Go eat the best Tonkotsu Ramen at Ichiran

Ichiran is a Japanese Ramen chain in Japan which  does not diversify their menu, but concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen. As such, many (even Japanese themselves) have claimed that you can get one of the best bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen at Ichiran! And guess what, this branch at Hong Kong is their first and only overseas branch! As such, be prepared to queue for long! (We went at the ungodly timing of 3pm and still queued for more than an hour).


While ordering, you get to choose your lvl of spice, saltiness, texture of noodles etc. So each bowl can be customized to suit your taste! After that you will be brought to your seats. The seats are like individual booths, as they want you to focus on enjoying your ramen, quite a unique dining experience!

And here it is! The red paste on the top is their signature sauce which is spicy (you get to choose how much of that you want to put). Mix it with the broth, and you’ll get this flavorful mildly spiced soup, yet not salty at all! The broth is really refreshing and different! The pork was good, and the noodles were just perfect. I ordered hard noodles and the springiness was what I want. Overall, there’s absolutely nothing you could complain about this bowl of noodles! Yummy.


Tip #3: Go dine at Itacho Sushi

Yes, no mistake here! Dine at Itacho Sushi in Hong Kong even when there are already so many outlets in Singapore!


Because Itacho Sushi originated from HK and it’s dirt cheap there! See the photo above? 9HKD is about 1.30SGD. And you can get all those sushi for freaking 1.30SGD! Whattttttt.

IMG_9310 IMG_9311 IMG_9312 IMG_9315
And guess what? The portion here is also bigger and of good quality! Their sushi is really good and tasty! Just order whatever you like, (thats how sushi goes what) but for first timers, do try their roasted salmon belly sushi and roasted scallop sushi). I think in totality it will be at least half of Singapore’s price, but of course it depends on what you order. But really, just go and have a hearty jap meal that your wallet will definitely approve! (There’s so many outlets in HK anyway!)


Tip #4: Go eat steamboat at Temple Street


So this is what the steamboat place looks like! Quite run down, but super localized. And that’s what I love about it! The perfect atmosphere to eat piping hot food while drinking a beer. Chillax as we call it.
(oh but it’s quite hard to find, so perhaps you can show the locals this photo so they can direct you.)


To be honest, nothing really fabulous about the food here. I’m really recommending this place because of the atmosphere. But for the steamboat items, do order the beef slice and the fresh prawns which are really good! This place is popular for the tze char too! So perhaps if you’re not in the mood for steamboat (I totally was in the mood cause it was winter), try their local dishes instead!

In temple street, you have like a stretch of stalls (their night market), where you can buy small items like t-shirts/paintings/earpiece etc. Also, there are like super super a lot of food! Street food is also in abundance! The stall above sells really good skewers, like the curry fish ball and the fried pig intestines!



Tip #5: Buy shoes | Buy red wings

Okay, my last tip will be a really short one! In HK, Red Wings are like much cheaper than in Singapore. Under the influence of Jon, who is an avid supporter of Red Wings, I bought this pair in HK for like SGD330, and in Singapore it’s sold for SGD430. But of course there’s always the option of buying it online, I heard it only costs SGD250? Anyways, if your feet size is considered higher than average (perhaps for girls a size 38 and above?), go HK and buy footwear! Because in HK people have feet that are generally smaller than us, so the leftovers are usually our sizes and its sold cheaper!


Taken at the Black Sand Beach in Macau


And so this is the end of the tips I have! Hopefully it gives you more ideas on what to do in HK!

Allow me to explain why Tip #3 and Tip #4 is classified under Tips instead of being in the Top 5 eats list (since the ramen was so good). I believe that anyone who wants to know what to eat in HK would be actually looking out for local chinese (or more of Hong Kong) dishes. So japanese food have to be excluded. (although hong kong people love jap food so much).

Anyways, this is such a long post, I’ve decided to release the Top 5 eats in Hong Kong in the next post! Do stay tuned as I went to like almost 20 recommended  food havens and filtered out many to present you my top 5 choices! It’s worth the wait.

***Update: Here’s the link to my Top 5 eats in Hong Kong (THE REAL DEAL!!)
Do check it out as well!
Till then, stay hungry ❤


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