Must Try: Singapore Hokkien Mee

2013-10-26 21.08.13 HDR
I am in love with hokkien mee, and this is my favorite! It’s that good. To bring the credibility to a whole new level, my daddy (who is a harsh food critic), says this is the best hokkien mee ever! And I would agree. It’s that awesome!

2013-10-30 21.20.46
The hokkien mee is wet, but yet not soupy (as you can see, there’s no sauce or what so ever). And no sauce, it is still the tastiest hokkien mee I’ve ever had! They don’t even use fried pork lard that most stalls use, and yet it tastes so good! And the chill is really good as well!

2013-10-30 21.24.16
Not a flattering photo, but that’s a mouth of paradise there, hehe.

2013-10-30 21.29.26
This is the queue at freaking 10pm at night, so you can imagine how popular it is! Oh yes, very importantly.. This place opens from 4pm till 1 30am at night. WHATTTTTTT. Great place to supper then!

2013-10-30 21.51.47

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee
Whampoa Food Centre

Blk 90 Whampoa Drive
#01-32 Whampoa Drive Food Centre

4pm to 1.30am

(on a side note, you can order the chicken wing from stall #01-83, and the sliced fish steamboat from #01-70, they taste good too)

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