Must Try: Formosa Delights

Disclaimer: This is located near NUS, so I am referring to that particular eatery. (Just realized that there is so many stalls called formosa delights)

I’m guessing most of you’ve probably never heard of it, because this is a classic hidden gem!

I am a die hard fan of chinese noodles (la mian). I love how its typically more chewy than the regular noodles and Japanese ramen. Chinese noodles is commonly found in kopitiams as ban mian (handmade noodles), but they are typically not the dry versions. (gonna post about good dry la mian soon)

But I love dry la mian! So some time ago, Jon brought me to this place, and I fell in love with this particular dish, yes only this particular dish. So so good!!

I’ve been going there quite often, but didn’t really get down to blog about it because honestly, it doesn’t look really appealing. But what the hell, this blog is about good food, and who cares what it looks like hehe.

2013-10-15 20.13.39
So this place is beside The Cheese Prata Shop near NUS, so NUS students are damn lucky to be so near this hidden find.

If you go there, you will notice that majority of the customers are chinese nationals, that’s how good it is.

2013-10-15 19.59.10 HDR
2013-10-15 19.59.14 HDR
Looks really plain and simple right? Yes it is, but it is so so so good. Those are chili flakes, garlic and condiments.. And then you mix it up!

2013-10-15 20.02.34 HDR
Mix it up, and you get a taste of heaven! Haha, ok I always exaggerate with my words but really la, damn nice. Tastes like an asian spin on aglio olio, if you’re a fan of garlic, YOU WILL LOVE THIS OMG!

Oh ya, don’t worry if you can’t take spice, it’s not as spicy as it looks, I can’t take spice well but I could enjoy this bowl.

2013-10-15 19.59.19 HDR
Price is about $6 I think, ONLY ORDER THIS DISH, I tried the others and its not as phenomenal 😦

BEST PLACE FOR SUPPER! (hint hint westies!)

20 Clementi Road, Clementi District, 129749
(Beside The Cheese Prata Shop | Near NUS)

Phone: 6778 7398

Opens 24 Hours

5 thoughts on “Must Try: Formosa Delights

  1. Hey, was googling and happened to chance upon your post which dated few years back.

    Thanks for posting it, been there before. Since you are a foodie, would like to ask if there are any more ulu place for supper like Zi Char or Prata of such?

    Being to the enaq at jurong east, Cheong chin nam shop houses, west coast food center. Sometimes just like to relax with some bit at a quiet ambiance.


    1. Hi, so sorry for the late reply! I find that the west coast prata that I introduced has a really chill ambience! Especially since they charge a little more expensive, less people frequent that place! 🙂

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