Must try: Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup

2013-09-12 20.48.39
Today, I wanna intro the best pig organ soup in Singapore! This place is really my pork heaven~

Please do not confuse it with:
Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig’s Organ Soup

because the standards are world’s apart.

Both are located at Jalan Besar, but Cheng Mun Chee Kee is located in a coffee shop along foch road.

2013-09-12 20.20.30
The kidney is a must. It is. It’s fresh, and crunchy. Unlike those soggy and dry ones served at the regular kopitiams. My mum cooks really awesome kidney because she buys it fresh from the market, so trust me, I know what’s a delicious kidney. The kidney is cooked throughly yet has a wonderful texture and is so darn tasty, this is hard to achieve.

2013-09-12 20.24.20
Another thing that is insanely good, their pork balls! You know how all the pork balls in pig organ soup tastes the same, because they probably have the same processed pork ball manufacturer. Well, the pork meatballs here is super duper flavorful, soft but yet chewy at the same time. Definitely a must try.

2013-09-12 20.24.26
The next thing you can order as a side dish would be the steamed minced meat with salted fish, sibei nice. Refreshing yet not too salty, woah really feel like having one now.

As for the rest of the pig parts (pig stomach, pig intestines), they are also good, but nothing out of the world! So really, that shows how good the kidney and the meat balls are. I always order only these 2 ingredient in my soup!

And you know what’s the best part, this places opens from
9am in the morning till 5am in the wee hours

24 Foch Road, Jalan Besar, 209263
Opening Hours:
Tues to Sun: 0900 – 0500
Closed on Mon

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