Must try: Mad for Garlic


*** Updates: I’ve long wanted to update this post, but I keep forgetting. Anyways, as of now, Mad For Garlic has changed their menu and some of the reccomended items in this post have been removed! To my knowledge, only the Garlic Snow Pizza and the Lobster Cream Pasta is still available! What a pity, I felt that the best dish was the Garlic Butter Prawns (it’s really the highlight of this post).. Nevertheless, you guys can still drop by to try the Garlic Snow Pizza and the Lobster Cream Pasta!!!

The first time I went to Mad for Garlic was with Jon under the recommendation of my bff, who is a pretty picky eater. Then, I went there again recently with my dearest handball babes, and it reaffirmed that I have to introduce this to everyone! Because all the dishes really got standard.

2013-03-18 21.24.29
Garlic Butter Prawns. The name sounds delicious already! This is my top favorite dish so shall introduce it first! The sauce which is basically garlic flavored has a tinge of spice to it, very shiok! You will end up eating the garlic sauce even when the prawns are gone, damn good! Must try! ($26.40, a lil ex)


2013-03-18 21.26.23 2013-03-18 21.30.24 2013-03-18 21.30.27
Their pizzas were good too! Crust that is crispy on the outer layer but yet unlike skinny pizza that is completely crispy. The centre is pretty fluffy but yet not too thick like that of pizza huts. Both the pizzas we ordered were tasty! Special mention to the photo just above, that’s their speciality “garlic snow pizza”. If you’re a garlic fan, you should try it! It has whole roasted caramelized garlic bulbs along with sweet garlic sauce on the pizza. The sweet sauce is really good. I hate garlic bulbs so I just pick out the bulbs and enjoy the rest of the goodness! ($21.50 each)


2013-03-18 21.30.18

Lobster Cream Pasta ($20.40). Love it. It’s creamy, but yet not too creamy that you will get sick of it. The texture is just right, not too watery and not too thick. I love how they add ebiko (the orange stuffs on the top). It’s really good. One of the better cream pastas I’ve tried.

We actually ordered another pasta: Creamy popcorn chicken pasta ($21.40)
It was really really good as well. If fact, I would recommend that as compared to the Lobster Cream Pasta. Don’t get me wrong, both are equally delicious and awesome. It’s just that the Popcorn chicken pasta has a really unique cream base. It tasted like Chicken, but yet not completely Chicken. It seems like theres a tinge of Wok Hei taste. Weird i know, but yeah thats why you should try it! Unique and delicious, what’s not to love!

*I know the prices are not cheap, but the ambience there is really good, plus the service is good as well. So this is definitely a place you wanna go for a nice date etc. TRY IT!

Address:  Block 3B, River Valley Rd, #01-16, The Foundry. Singapore 179021
Tel: (65) 6333 1507
Fax: (65) 6259 2989
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 1:00am


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