Must try: King Grouper Seafood Restaurant

Today I went for a lunch date with Jon, and he brought me to Overseas restaurant. A place that he has been wanting to bring me for a long time. If you recall my previous post about Top 5 eats in KL I recommended the best char siew I have ever eaten in my life. Click the link to go see the best best char siew. OMG its really damn good. You have to go KL just to try it.

So when Jon told me that there’s a similar one in Singapore, we decided to go there for lunch. And here are we. 
2013-03-20 12.56.30

Mixed meat: Combination of char siew and roast pork- $20

2013-03-20 12.55.19
The char siew is really good. It has a similar “feel” as the one in KL. Tender fatty meat, with burnt caramelized outer layer. I would say this is definitely one of the best char siew in Singapore! However, if you wanna compare it with the one I recommended in KL, it would fall short. In comparison, I would only rate this a 7/10. The char siew in KL of no doubt is a 10/10. The char siew in KL is that good. But in Singapore, this is the closest you can get (:

2013-03-20 12.56.02
Now moving on to the roast pork. IT IS SUPER GOOD. The skin is super super crispy and there isn’t that oily disgusting after taste. Also, the meat is springy and tasty. Dip it with the mustard and chill in the background and taste heaven. I’ve tried the ones in tung lok and I loved it! But everyone knows that tung lok is so mother expensive. Overseas restaurant’s one is definitely as good but at a much affordable price.

These are the other dishes that we had, but I wouldn’t strongly recommend any of them. The only ones I feel is worth recommending on this blog would be the char siew and roast pork. Only food that is f**king good, and to-die-for shall be recommended.
2013-03-20 13.05.48 2013-03-20 13.09.33 2013-03-20 13.20.41 2013-03-20 13.26.57
Apparently, their signature dish is the giant grouper, which i ordered. But to me, almost all chinese restaurants serve good steamed fish. So I don’t really see the hype in that. But their grouper looks really big and they serve like all the different parts of the fish (skin, abdomen, face?), could try if you’re a fish fan.

In conclusion, go there are order the charsiew and roast meat combination. YOU WON’T REGRET. And if you are there, while enjoying your meat you would be wondering “gosh, if this is so good alr, and the kl char siew is better.. then the KL char siew must be so so so good la!” YES TRY IT AND YOU WOULD HAVE A GAUGE ON HOW GOOD THE CHARSIEW IN KL IS    (:

King Grouper Seafood Restaurant
It’s at shaw towers! (near SMU yay!)

100 Beach Road
#01-27 Shaw Leisure Gallery

EDIT*** It used to be overseas restaurant but its taken over by king grouper, hence the change of name!


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