The best cream cheese frosting recipe

2013-03-10 16.37.50

It’s been such a long time since I updated this blog because I’ve been so caught up with school. It was mid term week and I had 5 mid terms, so you could say my life was pretty much hell for the past week.

But finally I have the time to bake and I’ve decided to blog about the cupcakes I baked yesterday!

The photo at the top features my all time favorite cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes from 12 cupcakes. I would like to take this chance to recommend 12 cupcakes! I love their cream cheese cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes and rainbow vanilla cupcakes) because their cream cheese is so smooth and creamy, hmmmm. It’s darn good.

I have always loved cream cheese frosting so I actually tried most of the red velvet cupcakes from top cupcakeries like dessert cup, lamb bakery and plain vanilla. Plain vanilla seems to be the hype, its always filled with people when I visit their store @ holland v. I really don’t know what the rave is about because to me, their cream cheese frosting is so sugary you can actually bite the sugar bits and is not to my liking.

2013-03-12 18.55.12

The thing about buying cupcakes is that the frosting that tops your cupcakes are always not enough. (for me at least, I have a really sweet tooth) So instead of spending $3-$4 per cupcake, why not make your own?

I introduce this easy but yet yummilicious cream cheese frosting recipe. The cream cheese frosting is soft, creamy and no sugar bits which I hate.

2013-03-12 18.55.40


70g butter, softened
*200g cream cheese, chilled in the fridge (take it out right before you need it)
**400g icing sugar sifted

Beat the butter so it is super soft and ready to go, if it isn’t soft enough let it warm up a bit .
Add the chilled cream cheese and beat them together until combined.
Sift in half the icing sugar and beat together, add the remaining half and mix again.

(*p/s I used 250g of cream cheese instead because I like a more cheesy flavor.)
(** p/s I used about 300g instead, because I found that to be just right for me. A good tip would be to taste test after adding a moderate amount of sugar and stop when you think its just right)

There! It’s that easy. It’s that simple. Remember, the cream cheese must be chilled! This prevents your cream cheese frosting from being too runny, which is important if you want to pipe it.

2013-03-12 19.12.02
Was too lazy to pipe the cream cheese so I just spread them on top of the cupcakes. As you can see, I spread loads of frosting. Thats how much I love cream cheese! Anyways, use red velvet or vanilla cupcakes for a good combination. Shall post the best red velvet recipe soon!


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