Must Try: Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Okay, this is not a personal blog, so I shall not talk about anything else except food. So today I wanna intro my family’s fav chinese seafood restaurant! We dine there very often and I’m just gonna intro the die die must try dishes.

2013-02-11 18.25.40
2013-02-11 18.25.45
The best thing about Ah Yat @ Turf City is that you get to choose your LIVE SEAFOOD at the seafood market beside the restaurant! Which is super awesome, cause you know that your seafood is 100% fresh as they will catch it before your eyes.

OKAY so here’s the recommended dishes that YOU DIE DIE MUST TRY!

2013-02-11 18.55.15
2013-02-11 18.55.20
2013-02-11 18.55.25
2013-02-11 19.01.45
Drunken Prawns! I tell you ah, the prawns are super fresh: they are firm, juicy and the wine flavor just goes so well with it. Yummmmmmmmmy I tell you. The shell of the prawn is also easily peeled off, because its too fresh! MUST MUST MUST TRY.
(p/s goes well with the sauce as well)

2013-02-11 18.56.54
2013-02-11 18.57.05
2013-02-11 18.57.48
Next up, the fresh oysters! As mentioned, they are straight from the tank, and honestly the key to raw oysters is freshness so this one wins hands down! -quoted by Jon, because I always order the cheese baked oysters, which is the next item I’m gonna intro you (wa, the way I blog damn singlish).

2013-02-11 19.42.38
2013-02-11 19.42.46
OMG the cheese baked oyster are the best I’ve ever eaten! The oysters are fresh, no doubt about that, and the cheese is damn nice. Not those kind of cheese whereby you can buy from the super market and you just spread it on top of the oysters and bake it. The cheese is a bit of a paste form. Warning: if you’re not a fan of cheese or oysters, you may not like this. BUT IF YOU ARE, PLS DO TRY, YOU WON’T REGRET.

2013-02-11 19.16.38
The last DIE DIE MUST TRY dish I wanna introduce would be the sweet vinegar pork ribs! It’s a really refreshing change to the usual coffee pork ribs which everyone orders all the time. In fact, I think its better as the coffee pork ribs can get too overpowering at time. This pork ribs is tender yet firm and chewy at the fatty areas. Best of all, despite being drizzled with the sweet delicious (and not too overpowering) sauce, the outside of the pork ribs remains crispy! OMMMMMMM, I WANNA EAT ONE NOWWWW. DARN GOOD!

2013-02-11 18.58.44
2013-02-11 18.58.48
2013-02-11 20.35.11
2013-02-11 20.35.16
From the top: Bamboo Clams steamed with garlic, Clams with spring onion sauce, Gong Bao Frog. These are all good dishes, fresh seafood that is well cooked. BUT THE ONES ABOVE ARE IMBA MAMA. So so so so so good.

So do yourself a favor and jio your family for a meal at Ah Yat during the next family celebration. The food is very very reasonably priced, don’t worry! Sorry I can’t remember the exact prices of the dishes. I will update this blog post once I get hold of the receipt from my sis! Remember, order the DRUNKEN PRAWNS, the FRESH & CHEESE OYSTERS, and the SWEET VINEGAR PORK RIBS.


Turf City Branch
200 Turf Club Road #03-01/02 Main Grandstand Turf City S(287994)
Tel: 6883 2112 Fax: 6883 2022
Operating Hours (Everyday)
11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch)
5.30pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)


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