Must Try: Sakae Tepanyaki

This is like one of my fav restaurants. I know you guys are skeptical, because sakae sushi is so bad, so so bad. It’s really shit, I’ve never dined there since my first experience, but TRUST ME sakae tepanyaki is different. It’s way better!

Beef *****
Foie Gras
Tepanyaki Chawanmushi ******
Plain Rice
Miso Soup
Mixed Vegetables

Everything in the list is good, but the reasons why you must try are the 2 items asterisked!

2012-10-26 23.37.27
The chawanmushi is steamed in an onion shell, hence there’s a tinge of onion taste to it, WHICH MAKES IT DELICIOUS! The chawanmushi is soft and fresh as well. And to be honest, the concept of it being steamed in an onion shell is cool alr la.
(p/s i am so going to incorporate this in my chawanmushi recipe)

The beef cubes is really to die for! I have always loved my beef medium rare, so that’s the only thing I’ll order. Hence, I don’t know how the beef will taste if its cooked to any other extend. But trust me, if you can take raw beef, order the medium rare! It’s good. Cooked on the outside, semi-cooked in the inside. The beef cubes are tender but yet springy. It has the right amount of fats which make the texture just nice. TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT.

So as mentioned, the other items on the premium set is generally good but not really fantastic. And the best thing is that the set is $30 after GST. Imho, this price for beef, foei gras, salmon is WORTH IT MAN.

I always go to the outlet at plaza singapura but go check their website for the location of their other outlets.


One thought on “Must Try: Sakae Tepanyaki

  1. I can’t agree more with Qiu here, sakae teppenyaki is more than meets the eye. I was amazed by the quality of food there on Mu first visit, because I had the misconception that since its affiliated with sakae sushi it’s gonna suck hard but guess what, total opposite. It’s one of the best in Singapore and you die die must try. 🙂

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