Top 5 eats in KL

During the december hols, I went to KL with Jon for a 4 day 3 nights trip. I think our main agenda was to eat the good food in KL, although we did do other stuffs. Here’s some of the non-food related photos, before the stars of this entry comes in.

We visited the Malawati Lighthouse, and the whole area was filled with monkeys begging for food. Quite scary for me.

Dined by the river, great view, but the food not nice lah.

IMG_1834 IMG_1837
Went on a river cruise to see fireflies in the forest! Couldn’t take any photos of them, they are kind of like stars but not as bright so you can’t capture them on camera. Pretty amazing to witness them!

We attempted to go to zouk, but the age limit was 23 for girls and 25 for guys. Disappointing!

And we also did some light shopping. OKAY NOW ON TO THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS ENTRY.


Malaysia Trains
(I have circled the train stations to get to the food heavens)

The food that I recommend here are really good.
My family comes KL often and some of them are our family’s must haves. (hokkien mee and char siew)
Some of them is recommended by food blogs and have been tried and tested by me and jon! (pork noodles, goreng pisang)
Some of them we happen to stumble upon and judging from the crowd, we decided to give it a go! (assam laksa)
But be assured that I have filtered out the MEHS, and the NOT BADS, presenting to you only the worthy.

Here’s the top 5 must try when you go KL, and I’ve ranked them in order, let’s start with #5!

#5 Goreng Pisang @ Brickfields
IMG_1872 IMG_1877
It’s a less than 5 mins walk from KL Sentral (Monorail), it’s near the YMCA so just ask for directions. The goreng pisang is good! Crispy on the outside, with sweet moist bananas on the inside. The other fried kuehs is also good! I think all the malaysians agree, because we actually had to wait for 30 mins for our bananas.
(the reason why this is #5 is because i feel that the goreng pisang @ maxwell market in singapore is comparable)

#4 Peter’s pork noodles @ Brickfields
IMG_1873 IMG_1874
This stall is located at a food court which is also about 5 mins walk from KL Sentral (Monorail). They are generous with the ingredients, plus the minced pork and sliced pork is tender and tasty. The broth is flavorful, but not too salty such that you get sick of it after awhile. It’s just nice! Yums!
(Mayflower Food Court, 144A Jalan Vivekanda, off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields)

#3 Assam Laksa @ Chinatown
IMG_1705 IMG_1704
Chinatown is a 5 mins walk from Pasar Seni (Green Line). I am not a fan of assam laksa so whatever I’ll just reiterate the comments that Jon had. “The best assam laksa I’ve ever eaten!” “The soup is just nice, spicy and sour.” I know the photo doesn’t look appetizing, that’s because I only took the photo when he was halfway into the meal. It’s located at Madras Lane Stalls @ chinatown, so you could do some shopping after that.

#2 Mun Wah Hokkien Mee
IMG_1719 IMG_1716
IMG_1715 IMG_1717 IMG_1729IMG_1729
This is the best hokkien mee you will ever eat! It’s really a must must must must try!

I love the kuey teow one, it’s super tasty! I’m not some professional food taster, so I don’t know what are the right words to use, but all I can say is that it is super soft, super delicious! You know how sometimes food fried with dark soy sauce can get a little sick after eating for long? You won’t get it here. You will love every mouth and order another plate until your stomach bursts.

The tang hoon one isn’t their hokkien mee variation, it’s under fried tang hoon and it’s super good! It’s not too dry, and yet springy and firm. The flavor is addictive too! YOU REALLY HAVE TO TRY IT, IT’S SUPER GOOD!

(155 Jalan Maharajalela: It’s a 10 mins walk from Maharajalela station (monorail))

#1 Char Siew and Roasted Meat @ Restaurant Sun Ming
IMG_1745 IMG_1746
This is the top of my list for a reason: THE CHAR SIEW IS THE EPITOME OF GOOD FOOD. The char siew is well-marinated, tender and it melts in your mouth. Take my word for it, it is the best char siew and you can never find one of comparable standard in Singapore. No way.

The roast meal is good too, crispy and tasty. The chinese sausage is nice too (coming from someone that doesn’t fancy la chiong), its softer and thicker than the normal ones that you find in your char kuay teow, and so much more flavorful and juicy. The roast duck is apparently their recommendation and it is good no doubt, but nothing spectacular.


(You could take a cab there from Cheras station (orange line) if you wanna save money)
(137, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught, Cheras, 56000 KL)

### UPDATED!!!
I went on another KL trip recently, and I’ve updated the list! Do check it out  here !


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