Food review: Saveur

I have dined in Saveur a few times already (with my family, with grace, with jon, with val) and I really love the food there! It’s good and more importantly, it’s cheap! Furthermore, it’s located near SMU (15 mins walk).

2012-11-08 12.52.28
These are the dishes that I ordered the previous time I went there, but be warned, there is a long queue so I would advise you to be there at off-peak hours which is probably 13:30 onwards for lunch and 20:30 onwards for dinner. I shall only post pictures and recommend the MUST-TRIES and omit the OKAY-OKAYs.

2012-11-08 12.17.24
Their angel hair pasta is good, I love the mini prawns on the top, its a tad salty which I like. The pasta has this unique oriental taste to it, although its french cuisine. ($3.90 i think, for some weird reason i can’t find it on the online menu)

2012-11-08 12.22.43
The foie gras is awesome (vulgarities help to show how good food is, but I shall omit them cause its too crude i guess) , I loved it and I always order the cheaper one which is the lentil ones ($7.90), I don’t really like the vanilla beans one ($9.90).

2012-11-08 12.29.03
The duck is super good, omg. Tasty skin, tender meat, flavorful mashed potatoes, there’s nothing more you can ask for $10.90.

2012-11-08 12.30.30

Their pork belly is okay, crispy skin (which is very important) and tender meat. But i don’t know why I felt a little sick of it when I’m halfway done with it. Reasonably priced too at $10.90.

I usually order the beef tenderloin at $24.90 as well, which I did not take a picture of. It’s juicy and tender, I order mine medium rare!

As for the pasta and the pork belly, its just good, not really fantastic. But these “FOIE GRAS, DUCK, AND BEEF TENDERLOIN” is really good, and for the price, it’s darn awesome!

I think the nearest MRT is city hall, anything just google maps la!

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 12:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 21:30

5 Purvis Street, #01-04
Tel: 63333121
(I don’t think they allow reservations though)

*** Update: I am really disappointed to say that the standards have dropped drastically. As of now, I only go there to get my foie gras fix. The rest of the dishes are really not up to standard. Plus, this statement is made after a couple of disappointing visits. Quality has been compromised by popularity 😦


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